Our multidisciplinary platform combines paramedical expertise and complementary therapies.

We support you in better understanding your disease, adopting a new lifestyle, and living better with your myocardial infarction.

Noctua Heart is an online platform available for your phone or computer.

The program overview

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    New program from the 7th of March until the 17th of April
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    Activities for 6 weeks
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    7 cardiovascular experts from complementary disciplines 
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    6 multidisciplinary focus areas
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    12 live workshops and Q&A with our experts
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    + 40 explanatory videos, carefully curated by our experts
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    Access to a care chat with our experts 
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    Self-management and measurement functions
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For whom?

You or your loved one just had a heart attack (Myocardial Infarction)?
You are suffering from cardiovascular disease?

Then the program is for you!
Join now and access the help you desire, whenever you need it.


You got just released from the hospital after a heart attack. You want to get to know your condition and learn how to manage it.


You already had a heart attack some time ago. You want to overcome difficulties in changing your lifestyle and managing your condition.


A loved one just had a heart attack or is already managing a cardiovascular condition and you want to support them further.

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Your next steps

  • STEP 1: Registration
    Make sure to register before the start of the program .

    The new program starts on the 7th of March and runs until the 17th of April.
  • STEP 2: Onboarding
    You need help? No problem!

    Our care team will call you and help once you registered.
  • STEP 3: Start
    Log-in into the Noctua Heart platform and explore our support content & modules.

    Make sure that you have a phone or computer and a working internet connection.

    Now, nothing can stop you anymore.

    What our patients say about us

    The portrait of Pierre, one of Noctua Care Partient (illustration picture)

    “Excellent initiative! Everyone should be able to access the Noctua Heart program after being hospitalised for a cardiac event. A big thanks to everyone involved”


    Toulouse, France

    Elizabeth is one of Noctua Care patient (illustration picture)

    “The encompassing information provided helped me very much. A big thank you to all the professionals involved”


    Paris, France

    patients image

    “Thank you for this program. It has been some time since I went through cardiac rehabilitation and it was great to refresh and update my knowledge”


    Bordeaux, France

    The complete program

    6 WEEKS

    • Weeks 1&2: Understand my disease & treatment
    • Weeks 3&4: Identify & manage my risk factors
    • Weeks 4&5: Return to a personal & professional life


    • Cardiovascular diseases
    • Mental health
    • Nutritional balance
    • Physical activity
    • Social rights & integration
    • Intimacy


    • Advanced practice nurse
    • Psychologist
    • Dietician
    • Adapted physcial activity trainer
    • Social rights expert

    1 Platform

    • Self-guided content
    • Self-measurement modules for vitals
    • Community & engagement


    • Information & support from our experts
    • Share your experience
    • Learn & connect with fellow patients


    • Part 1: First assessment at the start
    • Part 2: Concluding assesment at the end
    • Part 3: Recap 4 weeks after the program
    Noctua Care application includes self-guided content, self-surveillance tools and community interactionssilver dots background

    Our engaging mix


    Self-guided content

    Access verified disease and life-style related information.



    Track and monitor your bio-vitals.



    Exchange with fellow patients and address our clinical team through video conferences and a private chat portal

    Get to know to our specialised team

    Portrait of Magalie Bulteau, advanced practises nurse


    Advanced practice nurse
    Trained for cardiovascular diseases

    Elise Galard is a nurse with advanced training in cardiology


    Advanced practice nurse
    Trained for cardiovascular diseases

    Sandrine Paul is a hospital psychologist


    Specialised for cardiovascular diseases

    Grégoire Escrouzailles is a PE teacher


    Adapted physical activity specialist
    Expert in cardiovascular diseases

    Amandine Olivier is a hospital social worker


    Hospital social worker
    Specialised for cardiovascular diseases

    Juliette Restoux is a hospital dietician


    Expert in cardiovascular diseases

    Years of experience in cardiac care

    Multidisciplinary cardiology, psychology, physiotherapy, dietetics, social work.

    Several years of experience in cardiology or rehabilitation centers.

    Trained in therapeutic patient education.

    Our pricing

    6-WEEK Program

    Our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

    We do not meet up your expectations?

    No problem, we reimburse you 100% of the program cost.
    Just send us a request before the 3rd week of your program.

    If you have additional questions, do not hesitate to contact us by email.
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