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Fixing your fragmented healthcare journey

Noctua Care supports individuals with cardiovascular conditions and caregivers from the very beginning of their journey and guides them towards a stable health condition. We focus today on coronary disease and myocardial infarction.

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Our benefits

100% Digital

You can access Noctua Care from wherever you want to. From the beach, the couch at home, or during breaks at the office.


The paramedical Noctua Care team supports you and your loved ones on 6 distinct topics:

disease and treatment, mental well-being, nutrition, physical activity, intimacy, and social rights.


Our support is fine-tuned for every stage of your patient journey. We guide you towards a stable and active life.

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What our patients say about us

The portrait of Pierre, one of Noctua Care Partient (illustration picture)

“Excellent initiative! Everyone should be able to access the Noctua Heart program after being hospitalised for a cardiac event. A big thanks to everyone involved”


Toulouse, France

Elizabeth is one of Noctua Care patient (illustration picture)

“The encompassing information provided helped me very much. A big thank you to all the professionals involved”


Paris, France

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“Thank you for this program. It has been some time since I went through cardiac rehabilitation and it was great to refresh and update my knowledge”


Bordeaux, France

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